‘The Aspirations project was formed in 1999 to provide social and leisure activities for individuals with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. The project is open to people from the age of 10 years and upwards – with no upper age limit.  To date, over 500 people have attended our activities.

Activities run throughout the year during week days, evenings and weekends. They include:

  • Evening youth clubs.
  • Daytime drop-in sessions.
  • Cooking and gaming groups.
  • Football, gym, swimming and walking groups.
  • Days out at a variety of locations
  • DVD nights, meals out, pub and social nights.
  • Short Break Holidays.

To find out more please download our current newsletters (below) or contact us at admin@asgma.org.uk or telephone 0161 866 8483

10-18 January-March 2020 Newsletter

18+ January-March 2020 Newsletter 

If you are already a member, please complete both consent and booking forms and either send them by post or by email to admin@asgma.org.uk

10-18 Booking form for January-March 2020

18+ Booking form for January-March 2020

If you are not yet a member, have a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, and are interested in joining our project, please contact us on 0161 866 8483. Alternatively, you can download our referral forms below.

10-18 Referral Form

18+ Referral Form 

Please complete and send by either post or email to admin@asgma.org.uk